Wildcafe always was fascinated by music, electronics and computers, so he started making music on his computer in 1996. Two years later he took up his studies at the “Fachhochschule für Telekommunkation und Medien St. Pölten” (and graduated in 2002).

At the same time he started working as an audio and light engineer at a sound- and lightequipment rental company and as lj in a big club. Sometimes he played around with the turntables (and of course some vinyls 🙂 ) in the club, the club manager liked his style and after a while he played the evening interlude.

From then he played in many clubs and on a huge number of events (Loveparade Vienna e.g.) and in 2005 he decided to publish his own music. That’s why he launched the label “Phonic Fusion Records”.

1 Response to “About Wildcafe”

  1. 9. May 2013 at 13:35

    Hey buddy,

    we´re a german label (orca records) and we´re trying to push 2 of our trance-newcomers the best we can. So one of our tasks is contacting “trance-area”-bloggers and therefore we would like to ask you to write some kind of review of the upcoming release by “ron with leeds” – one of our producer-teams. Maybe we could also send you the official presskit, so it would be much easier for you.

    would be awesome to hearing from you soon…


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